Constellations are powerful tools. Frequently a blockage can be overcome in a single session. Usually a few constellations are sufficient to shift a pattern and heal a family system.

Individual sessions                                              $100/hr
(your home or mine, or over the phone)
Sessions often go 2-2 1/2 hrs

Group sessions
Participating in group sessions regularly is a great way to gently shift through patterns.

(2 hours)                                                                $30
1/2 Day (4 hours)                                                   $55
1 Day (9 hours, incl 1 hr lunch)                               $100
2 Day                                                                     $200
Weekend (incl Sat eve program)                             $275


Support to help integrate shifts into everyday life is offered through a steady guidance of life-coaching/mentoring sessions.

Weekly/Monthly calls                                            $100/hr
package of 4 hours                                                  $350
package of 12 hours                                                $950


I accept cash or check or credit cards