Life-Coaching and Mentoring

To have someone checking in on a regular basis, someone to follow a “red thread”, someone to hold us accountable, encourage us, help us focus on next steps and remind us to be compassionate with ourselves on our paths is a great gift.


In old days uncles and aunties kept us “on track”. Nowadays coaches and mentors have taken on this role.

We are community beings. We yearn to belong and benefit from the help of others. Life flows more easily with the support of others. We don’t need to do things alone.

Having one hour a week or even one hour a month on a regular basis to focus on how things are going, what steps were taken, which weren’t and why, and which steps want to be taken next; to check if goals are realistic, to learn to set accessible goals and feel empowered; to be encouraged along the path
… all this and more is life-coaching/mentoring.


“In working with Mariko over several months, she listening to me without
pressure, gently probed and pondered my words spoken and unspoken.
Among other issues that I gained insight, I profoundly realized that my mother did not  just give me a huge lump of coal in her second marital choice but also a gift of beautiful decades of love for me in my own future marriage which she had modeled. Subsequently, the foundation of my perception of the world has shifted away from a bit brave victim to a soft peace around my days and the seemingly imperfections  of everyday living.”

Diana Walters