This is powerful and deep one-on-one work either in person or over the phone. The benefit of individual work is that the pace and depth can be gauged more precisely to the client’s needs. It offers a more private experience and is easy to organize and follow through. An average sessions last 1-2 hours.
In individual sessions we use floor markers or figurines instead of people from a group to channel the energy of what we would like to look at. Using colored felt pieces with directional markers the client lays out the situation. Mariko “represents” the individual markers one by one, giving the client the opportunity to focus on one part at a time in comparison to more movement unfolding simultaneously in a group session.

Both the group sessions and the individual sessions can be just as powerful experiences.

Individual sessions can also be experienced long distance over the phone. Mariko has worked with clients across the globe in English and in German. If you are curious and would like a more detailed description please feel free to contact Mariko.


Constellations are powerful tools. Usually one or two constellations are sufficient to shift a pattern and heal a family system. My intention is to help people step into their power within less than five sessions.

Tapping into the ‘field’ we can bring light to just about anything: healing illness, unblocking life’s passion, resolving issues for pets, reaching fulfilling work goals, moving through prosperity blocks, clearing inner struggles, and more.


TESTIMONIALS ~ Individual Sessions
I had a one-on-one constellation session with Mariko Schmidtauer. I went in with no expectation and finished having accomplished deep work with her guidance. While I’d like to keep our session confidential, what I will say is that Mariko helped me to become aware of an inner struggle that has been something of a battle for me for many years. I was able to see different aspects of myself for what they truly are and integrate parts of myself that were disconnected. It was a very emotional session, and even after over a month since our session, I know that this healing is something that will be long lasting. I don’t sense that inner conflict anymore and have been able to let go of emotional stress that I unknowingly carried for over 2 decades. I am so grateful for her service and selflessness.
Mahalo Mariko!

Keema Cooper, Ph.D.
Holistic Health Practitioner


Individual Session over the phone (California – Hawai’i)
I was referred to Mariko to do a constellation therapy to heal the trauma of my female family lineage thru a friend of mine that had done a constellation session with her and got a very satisfactory outcome. Even from the initial conversation with her to see if we were going to be a good match to do this deep work together I can feel to the profound level she was listening to my concerns and needs. It was clear to me that although she was far away and we were going to do the sessions over the phone that I wanted to work with Mariko. The experience was incredibly powerful and healing. It has been over 2 months and I still feel the effects of all the clearing and the lightness of not carrying my ancestors trauma in my body or having it inform my behaviors. I’m very thankful for Mariko’s work.

Paola Laird


Individual Session over the phone (Germany – Hawai’i / in German)
I already had a telephone session with Mariko from Hawaii to Germany. It is absolutely amazing how this constellation work could change everything! I really believe in this transformation shifts. Mariko is a great gift to the world with her high quality talents.

Uschi Nackenhorst