“The Constellation work method is an extremely powerful tool. Mariko is a masterful practitioner in supporting and guiding people in a safe, empathic and heart-opening way to being themselves, unburdened. A series of sessions with Mariko offers the opportunity to let go of deep held generational and childhood traumas and can be life-transforming.”

Peter deVries, Constellation Works, Mill Valley CA
Trainer of constellation facilitators


“I enjoyed several sessions with Mariko over the past 2 years. What I appreciated most was her loving compassion and gentle guidance. Mariko has many tools in her box. Each session was different and powerful beyond my expectations. I always felt heard and seen. The shifts I experienced were lasting. I miss Mariko’s sessions as she moved to another state. I will always appreciate the gifts she contributed to my personal healing.”

Klara Fischerova, LivingWell, Lafayette CA


“Mariko is an intuitive, compassionate healer whom I have received great benefit from the Hellinger inspired healing work she provided me. With her help I was provided the tools and direction to enrich my life and put chronic illness, and generational afflictions behind me. My work with Mariko was an integral part of my healing. There are moments during the family constellation work that I will keep close to my heart. These moments have already began to form and nurture love in my life like I have never known. I recommend her to anyone on a healing path.”

Uriah Stanton, Berkeley CA





“I started working with Mariko over a year ago and was introduced to her specialized Constellation work, which is grounded in the idea is that our predispositions and identity are tightly bound in our constellation of influences: parents, teachers, peers, ethnicity, race, socio-economic circumstances, etc.  Mariko helps disentangle the influences that create limitation, prejudice, and negative self-image.  Using therapeutic techniques that are both unconventional and highly effective, she has the remarkable capacity to channel and inhabit the person from the past who had a negative influence; allowing me, through her, to confront directly the person who wronged me.  The dialogue can be very rich and fruitful, often clarifying their position and illuminating the influences that constrained or diminished them.  The interactive dialogue nearly always transforms past anger into present compassion. 

Of course, each of our ancestries also possesses a constellation of positive influences.  Acknowledging the courage, altruism, self-sacrifice, benevolence, wisdom, and love in our heritage provides the tools to embrace ourselves in totality.  Mariko’s methods have helped me help myself be more independent and courageous in being my own person.”

Peter Ferber, San Francisco CA


“I met Mariko when she belonged to a group of people in Northern California who got together to explore the methods and the depth of the family constellations. I had the pleasure of experiencing Mariko in action several times and she is dedicated and passionate about the healing powers of the constellations. I wish her luck with her pursuit to develop her skill set and to help the people she is working with.”

Kim A. Page, Communication Expert, Copenhagen, Denmark