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It is time for you to claim your power, for you to release what is not yours, time for you to BE YOU and live a fulfilling life!


I work with people who want to change their lives or are facing challenges they want to overcome by bringing subconscious patterns to the surface to unblock their path to a more fulfilling life.

Allow me to guide you, hold space for you and encourage you on your way to being YOU.

Bringing the Healing Power of Family Systematic Constellations Work to Hawai‘i.

Constellations heal old subconscious patterns affecting health, relationship, and career so you can reclaim your personal power toward living a more fulfilling life.


In the video below Mariko introduces constellation work with visuals of a group session in progress for you to get a feel for this powerful healing work.

Family Constellations were “created” in the 80s by Bert Hellinger after spending years in Africa with the Zulu tribe. There, he witnessed their rituals which were closely connected to their ancestors. He recognized similar patterns in his clients back in Germany and realized how to create the scenario for healing issues that remained after “conventional” therapy techniques.

Constellation work enables people to make contact with the subconscious emotional entanglements or what are at times called “family contracts,” which often limit the level of success one creates. The desire to belong in the family system can be greater than the desire for a successful relationship, health, or other life goal.

Constellations provide a forum for resolution to events long past. This work takes place outside time and space in what in quantum physics is called the “field” (Rupert Sheldrake named it the “Morphic Field”). The field contains the energies of all who are living as well as the great ancestral lineage from which we all arise and all of existence.

Constellations work toward resolution for the entire family system – working with the energies of various family members, alive and dead. The work that is done to clear entanglements is also a gift for future generations.

Based on her own challenging life experiences and years of work with amazing teachers/mentors around the globe Mariko facilitates constellations for groups and individuals and also inspires people to live more fulfilling lives through mentoring sessions.